Originally recorded in Rockfield Studios in mid 70's, by Satsuma ( Brian Morgan, Bob Watkins, Dai Watkins and (Colin & Derek who are Coracle Joe), and produced by Kingsley Ward. We used the original 24 track tape, re - mixed it last year at Rockfield and VOILA!


Suzie's in the bathroom
Checkin' out her curls
All the guys downtown
Just think she's out of sight
It's opening night at the blue rooms
and the band are really hot
Suzie's gonna show them dudes
That she's got more than what they've got

Outside the moon is brighter than a crystal ring in hock
Somewhere the seats fill for a show
The city waits like a mother in a state of delayed shock
Not knowing where to go
Not knowing where to go

The clock strikes midnight
The Shingle men move in
With all that spritz and all that spiel
Sliced up lemon & dry gin
The Black Sedan boys cluster round the bar
Eyin' up the audience
deciding whose gonna go to far

woh woh woh woh woh woh woh
woh woh woh woh woh woh woh

Suzie's at the stage door
glistening in the rain
Same old place
Same old smell
Just a painted front and a different name
She never could play with boys of her own age
The Stripper's theme blares out once more
And Suzie takes her place on stage.