New album now finished and being Abbey Roaded. Out June or July.

Coracle Joe on Spotify, Amazon, Songtradr, and all major streaming and downloading companies.

Four songs in the ether looking for placement at present.

January 28th 2019. New album almost finished. One ickle track to mix and then ready to master.

Our latest track "A Better Way" in style of Foo Fighters / U2 etc, is now available on release with Ditto records for streaming.

We have just signed Licenses with 5 major Worldwide Companies for loads of our back catalogue.

We have a song in a new show in USA. "Movin' On" taken from our "Eclectric" album.

Publisher taken a song recorded in 80's for new TV production in USA.

Album now called "Gimmesomecovers" An apt title for our collection of re worked cover songs. One already taken by TV production company in LA for new series.

Our new cover album (not yet titled) now nearing completion.

"Don't Call" from next album out June 2017. Video to watch on site. Album nearly finished. 

New track "Looking Back" getting some great reviews. Watch in Videos.

Finished off a fantastic track today " The Colours Of Our Life". Looking for a singer worthy of recording it.

2 songs signed up to a major library today, with worldwide distribution. Yeeaaahh!!

New album "Backintheday" now available in store.  

Again as songwriters we have just finished a Jazz track called "When You Smile That Smile".

New video "Summer Love" up on site and Facebook.

In our realm as songwriters we have just finished a BIG ballad called "The Dream's Not Dead"

New album finished and being sorted at duplication plant. "Backintheday"  

Just got back from Canada. Great time and met some lovely people. Some new fans on board. 

The new album will be called "Backintheday" Looking for March/April 2016 to release.

Just finished last but one track from 3rd album. We are in the middle of the last song and then it will be mixed down and readied for action.