About Coracle Joe

Coracle Joe is a studio based vintage songwriting partnership featuring Derek and Colin and sometimes Rob and Ant. We are a bunch of friends who've met up and gone our separate ways many times but are currently enjoying each others company. Years have been spent playing in bands and other projects doing everything from rock, pop, soul and jazz and working regular jobs, but then we decided we ought to try our hand at writing.

Our musical tastes are wide ranging from the usual suspects - Beatles; Cream; Led Zep; Elvis; Steely Dan; James Brown; Van Morrison; Tom Petty; Joni Mitchell; James Taylor; Eagles- to the Mamas and the Papas; Little Richard; Mike Scott ;Carl Perkins; David Bowie; the Manics; Bon Jovi; Moody Blues; Amy Wadge; Leonard Cohen; the Webb Sisters; Tony Bennett;  Richard Thompson; Beth Hart,; Eddie Reader; Boo Hewerdine; Squeeze; Doris Day. We could go on.....and on!

Derek sings and writes lyrics while Col does everything else- it's an equal partnership! Times have been tough in the past as for around 8 years.
Derek lost his singing voice through illness. "Only determination, belief and hard work got it back, although it looked hopeless at one point" he says. Col is the musician and started playing the guitar at the impressionable age of ten and then decided to try his hand at the piano - well you can hear the results. He can do the drums too of course. And piano, organ, harmonica, squeezebox, bass, b'vs, cello, Old Uncle Tom Cobley & all. Being a guitarist he can't just have one guitar but countless, his current favourite is ....(too many to choose from - Col)

We spend a lot of time in the rafters - admiring the views from our attic studio and occasionally writing. We release albums when we feel like and we are feeling pretty productive at the moment. Please listen and download some free stuff or if you like to hold physical things then you can buy an album - go to our Music page for info.

We have no plans to play - we've been to every bar, toilet, shed, club, field we want to and like it here better at the moment, exercising our creative muscles instead. But you can never say never....

Connect with us on Facebook but we aren't at all prolific on that score unless we've done a new song.

Our albums -"Timelesstime," "Eclectric," "Backintheday" and our new covers only album, suitably and originally titled "Gimmesomecovers" are available.Our latest album "Staycation" now available. We have also uploaded a couple of videos on site and Youtube for you to peer at.

We are songwriters so if you want to use any of our stuff then please get in touch. 


Peace and Goodwill to all. 

Thanks to the boys from The Club for their vocals on "Good Morning Mister Sunnyman". (all together now HEY HEY HEY.

Thanks to Richard Thompson, Boo Hewerdine, Iain Archer, Steve Levine, Mickie Most, Kingsley Ward, Amy Wadge, Chris Difford, Dai Rock & Gary Osborne to namedrop a few, for their help and inspiration along the way.