Origin: Wales, UK
Years active: 15+
Members :
Derek Chamberlain - vocals, lyrics + SONGS
Colin Edwards - lead guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion, harmonica and all things technical 
Ant Bollard & Rob Peachey have also contributed.


Coracle Joe is a songwriting partnership currently based in South Wales. The duo is predominantly studio based having honed their skills playing over many years, in various forms on the live circuit.  Brought up on the Beatles, the Stones, Cream, Ten years After, along with - Little Richard, Elvis, Sammy Davis Jnr, Motown - and taking in the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison,Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, Squeeze, Led Zep, Beth Hart - the list goes on and on. They have an eclectic style.

Col has  played with prog rockers Magenta , ex-Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden and ex-Skin frontman Nev. 

Derek  has sung in too many bands to mention as well as solo and blown out a few volume meters in various studios. He started to explore writing after an  illness robbed him of his singing voice for far too many years. 

When eventually his voice returned he had the beginnings of a new skill (silver linings and all that!). He was helped along the way by some wonderful people such as Boo Hewerdine. (They co-wrote Long Ago Friends on the Timelesstime album). 

Richard Thompson, Ian Archer and Chris Difford also gave Derek their valuable advice and support along the way. 

Teaming up again with Col was the catalyst for the formation of Coracle Joe and they now have their own home studio and write when they want and whatever they want, as their mood and the muse dictates. 

They have produced six albums to date and are about to start writing material for their next album (the well known producer Stuart Epps has expressed interest in working with them). 

Derek also has a side hustle called the Outlaw Gods, a rock project, currently writing their second album...but that's another story.


The new album from Coracle Joe, awaiting release is titled "Staycation"  and was written partly during the pandemic. As ever it hops around styles and tempos. They don't tend to consciously write to a theme, although there is a hint of nostalgia especially on the single of the same name " Staycation" - a musing on childhood times "from my comfy little chair" - written in skeleton form during a pre pandemic summer retreat hosted by Chris Difford of Squeeze fame and since fleshed out for the album.

Coracle Joe have six albums to their name (with a new one already in the pipeline) and tracks can be found on the website and also can be found on streaming sites such as Spotify. 

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